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These workshops for forestry professionals and interests are brought to you in part by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®). The SFI Program is administered by the Wisconsin SFI Implementation Committee (SIC).  It is funded voluntarily by participating paper, lumber and forestry companies and works collaboratively with timber producers and transporters, educational institutions, public and private forest interests, and forestry-related associations to support the SFI Principles. In brief, the SFI program is based on the belief that responsible environmental behavior and sound business decisions can coexist to the benefit of communities, landowners, manufacturers, shareholders, customers and the environment – today and for future generations.  For more information visit


SFI® Financial Supporters

The following companies pledged a total of $194,300 in 2013 to the Wisconsin SFI® Implementation Committee, Inc. Contributions are based on a per cord and board feet assessment on the Wisconsin wood used at each participating paper and saw mill or their acres of forested land.

Contributions in 2013 are being used to support training for forestry professionals through FISTA ($115,000) and the Master Logger Certification program ($10,000), landowner assistance through the Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee ($25,000), Camp Five Museum Foundation ($5,800), Trees for Tomorrow ($32,000), and Ruffed Grouse Society ($6,500).

Since 1996 Wisconsin SFI has contributed more than $2.7 million dollars in competitive grants to such organizations. Listed are current supporters:

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