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SFI Approved Electives

Hosting Organization Pre-Approval Form (PDF) | Individual Pre-Approval Form (PDF)

Approved for 4 hours of SFI Continuing Education

*Note: New rules for approving elective classes will be put into effect Jan 1, 2018. (Details to be indicated at a later date)

There are several conferences and workshops held throughout Wisconsin and Michigan during the year other than those that FISTA provides. 

Many of these events (“electives”) have the potential to meet the SFI Training Standard requirement for a Continuing Education credit.  

The correct procedure must be followed to have electives approved by the State Implementation Committee’s (SIC) Education & Training Committee.  

Credit can be requested by the hosting company or by individuals attending the event. The following is an outline of the specific requirements and procedure for obtaining approval for electives: 


According to the SFI 2010 – 2014 Standard, training courses must address the following topics:

  • Awareness of sustainable forestry principles and the SFI program

  • Best management practices, including stream-side management and road construction, maintenance, and retirement

  • Reforestation, invasive exotic plants and animals, forest resource conservation, aesthetics, and special sites

  • Awareness of responsibilities under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, the Canadian Species At Risk Act, and other measures to protect wildlife habitat

  • Logging Safety

  • U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (COHS) regulations, wage and hour rules, and other provincial, state and local employment laws

  • Transportation issues

  • Business Management

  • Public Policy and outreach

  • Awareness of emerging technologies

For an event to be approved for 4 hours of Continuing Ed it must have at least 3.25 hours of actual instruction time.  (This excludes the time for registration, “welcome” remarks, breaks, lunch, and “closing” remarks.)


 If the event meets the requirements listed above, you will need to contact the FISTA office at least one month in advance of the event to alert them that you, or your organization, would like to receive credit. 

 FISTA will need the namedate, and an agenda of the event you are attending and/or hosting.  We will pass that information onto the SIC’s Education & Training Committee for them to review.  Once the Education & Training committee has made their determination, the FISTA office will contact you and, if approved, will give you the necessary paperwork at that time. 

If your request is accepted: 

After the event, you must submit the completed "Individual Verification Form" or a copy of your certificate. (Be sure to include your name, last 4 digits of your SSN, and the name of the event on your payment). If we do not receive these items, we will not be able to give credit.

The Hosting Company will need to submit a record if individuals who attended your even within 3 weeks of its occurrence. ( We need a list of individuals who ATTENDED the event, not just those who registered). If we do not receive this list, we will not be able to give credit. Hosting Companies, it is your responsibility to advertise your even for SFI credit and disseminate payment information to the individuals who are attending your event. (The payment MUST include the individual's name, last 4 digits of their SSN, and reference the event that they are paying for).

There is a $35/person charge for obtaining credit for an Approved Elective.  The charge is to cover the cost of time and expenses associated with the approval process and entering the data into individual’s records. 

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