FISTA & GLTPA Education Initiative

“Ripples in the Forest” Episode

GLTPA and FISTA recently worked with a company called Discover Mediaworks to develop an episode for the Emmy-Winning TV Show, “Into the Outdoors.” Segments of the episode can be viewed by visiting the “Into the Outdoors” website link here and clicking on “Forest Ecology” and/or “Sustainable Forestry”: 

Into the Outdoors "Ripples in the Forest"  Episode


Science of Forest Sustainability Video & Discussion Guide

A short video and discussion guide geared towards middle school students which delves into the “Science of Forest Sustainability” was also created.   You can view the video below OR Click here to view the video and access the discussion guide: 

Science of Forest Sustainability


Discover Mediaworks 

Discover Mediaworks is a company that’s vision is to “Discover Wisconsin by telling its most captivating stories via the most impactful medium of the time – broadcast video.”  You can read  about their company here:

Discover Mediaworks


Wisconsin Education Network

The Wisconsin Education Network serves as a single comprehensive source for curriculum needs in the fields of agriculture, dairy, earth science, ecology, environment & outdoor safety, government, and Native Americans.  The “Science of Forest Sustainability” along with other short videos and/or materials about forest ecology can be viewed at the following site:

Wisconsin Education Network - Ecology